The website «Cultural Memories of Industry» is an archive of the research project «Sociocultural Change, Memory, Heritage and Identities in Deindustrialization contexts» (University of Oviedo, 2018-2020). It addresses the state of tangible and intangible heritage linked to industrial work in Asturias and proposes a comparison with similar processes in Western Europe and Latin America. From the oral memory, the material vestiges and the cultural creation, the project collects identifying features of communities based on industrial work and tries to visualize which ones survive, are resignified or disappear. 

This website aims to be an archive, a communication vehicle, a reflection space and a forum for debate and exchange of knowledge between the research team and the associative, cultural, academic and institutional environment. This project is funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of Spain, the European Regional Development Fund and the State Research Agency.